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for people in the cleveland area....

i've started a yahoo group for people trying to get or stay fit. whether you are trying to lose, gain, or maintain your weight, & regardless of how you are going about it, everyone is welcome.

in addition to the online group, we will have monthly meetings centered around some activity. it can be anything from bowling to hiking depending on the season & what people want to do. the group is open now, but brand new so nothings going on yet, but the meetings won't start until after the holidays.

hope to see some new faces! it'll be a fun source of support & motivation.

Click here to join ClevelandCHAMPs
Click to join ClevelandCHAMPs

Cleveland CHAMPs

Connecting. Helping. Achieving. Motivating People.

(oh yeah, & hello! i'm fairly new to the area, moved here from birmingham. i don't have any friends outside of work yet, so take pity on me!)
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